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Celebrating Hong Kong’s heritage through photography

Where creativity
& community meet





2 million

In-person viewers


HK Frames is a photography platform which celebrates the talent and dynamism of Hong Kong. It’s a hub for photographers, brands and aficionados to connect, develop and showcase photographic art.

Backed by multi-award-winning producer,

Great Entertainment Group, HK Frames benefits from world-class marketing expertise, strong partnerships and extensive reach.

Dan Cotton @danielcottonhk


The HK Frames community

enables photographers,

brands and consumers to

connect. Whether it’s to sell

work, collaborate or share

notes, HK Frames offers a

platform focused on a shared

love of photography.


Photographers are promoted

through Great Entertainment

Group’s award-winning

platforms. These include

The Hong Kong Observation

Wheel, which has attracted

over five million attendees

since 2017, and entertainment

favourite, The Grounds.


Through expert panels,

workshops, mentoring and

educational programming,

we aim to nurture talent and

celebrate Hong Kong's

vibrant heritage.

We are incredibly passionate about making home-grown creativity accessible to the whole community. By showcasing these talented photographers on the big screen at award-winning events, we honour our dynamic home whilst bringing new colourful perspectives to the people of Hong Kong."

Michael Denmark, Executive Chairman

Great Entertainment Group


The photography exhibitions we curate feature different genres. The images - from local and international artists - are captured using a range of equipment and techniques.


The common theme is Hong Kong’s vibrant people, traditions and history, curated under the following genres:

  • Cityscapes

  • Nature

  • Portraits

  • Aerial (drones)

  • Sunsets

  • Cuisine (coming soon)

Dickie Suzuki @dickiesuzuki

Join Great Entertainment Group as a proud partner of HK Frames and power the photographic community in Hong Kong. 

Angus Wong @anguswphotography

LIVE at The Grounds 

October 2022, The Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Photographers often work alone. The fortunate few, may even have an exhibition of their own works in a physical space such as a gallery. HK Frames, has taken the concept of the photographic showcase to a whole new level.

To have your work boldly displayed on giant LED screens set against the backdrop of the magnificent city skyline of Hong Kong is both inspiring and an absolute privilege.”

Andy Oliver, Photographer

News and events


By capturing the architectural, cultural and natural beauty of our home, we celebrate and preserve the essence of Hong Kong.

Eddie Lam @eddie_lammm

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